Exclusive Cycads is here to stay!

It has come to our attention that there are rumours doing the rounds that Exclusive Cycads has been sold and that the nursery will close within three years. We want to emphasise that it is only a rumour and not true.

However, the property where the nursery is situated has been sold after years of negotiations and development planning. Exclusive Cycads will be moving to new premises within the next three years. Our new location will be announced in due course.

On a different note: We want to remind you that the Exclusive Cycads garden plants derive from the ‘mother stock’ and have great genetic value. We decided to advertise and sell these plants individually as part of the nursery stock. It will be advertised as soon as the permits are in place.

We thank you for your continued and loyal support as an Exclusive Cycads family member. We are here to stay and will keep on supplying you with great quality cycads, products and services at unbeatable prices.

Call or come visit us for all your cycad needs.

Matian Barnard

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