How healthy is your plant really?

When a plant is uprooted or parts of a plant are removed (cuttings / suckers) the intracellular energy production is disrupted. This causes the plant, cuttings or suckers, to wilt and if energy production is not restored, the plant cells and plant will eventually die.Rootstim and Growstim keep plant cells alive by providing the necessary substrates for intracellular energy production. These substrates and organic acids slot into Glycolisis, the Krebs Cycle and other energy releasing pathways.

Plants produce carbohydrates by photosynthesis where light-energy is absorbed by chlorophyll. By transplanting or removing a plant's leaves, the process of photosynthesis is reduced. If the rate of photosynthesis is reduced for long enough, the metabolism of the plant cells will stop, leading to the death of the plant. 

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