Exclusive Cycads can export cycads to just about anywhere in the world

Exclusive Cycads can export cycads to just about anywhere in the word.

There are a few rules to follow though.

We are only allowed to export cycads up to 15cm in diameter (ball size).

Exclusive Cycads specialize in a wide variety of artificially propagated Cycad seedlings.

In other words, we artificially propagate seedlings, but stay true to species and locality. This way we can assure you that you get a pure cycad. We do not allow any garden hybrids or cross pollination.

How do you go about buying a cycad that needs to be exported (out of South Africa)?

You contact Corlia via e mail and tell her what you are interested in.

  1. Corlia will then send you photo’s of the stock available with pricing.
  2. After you’ve decided that you are happy with the price and the plants, Corlia will then send you a proforma invoice with all the company details including banking details (where you then pay in a deposit or the full payment)
  3. The proforma invoice you use to apply for your CITES import permit applicable to your country.
  4. As soon as you receive your import permit, you e mail it to Corlia who will do a CITES export permit application (out of South Africa.
  5. During this process (in no 5. ) the plants are treated to remove all soil and kill any fungi that might be present. The plants are also soaked in a chemical that kill the insects that might pose a risk to other countries, then placed in vermiculite with a water solution with our products to sustain life and health of the plants during the waiting period and on its way to you. This is done according to PHYTO regulations.
  6. A custom made crate is ordered from a CITES approved supplier for crating your plants.
  7. As soon as Corlia receives the export permit, you can start getting excited... It won’t be long then before you have your plants. She’ll give you the details of a trustworthy shipping (air freight) facilitator.
  8. Corlia will arrange for the PHYTO inspection and make sure all the paperwork and plants are ready.
  9. Now it’s time to make the final payment, if you haven’t already and send the proof of payment to Corlia.
  10. Once more we make sure that the plants are happy in the crate and then deliver to the shipping facilitator.
  11. From there you’ll stay in contact with Corlia and your shipping facilitator to be sure when and where to collect your shipment. And to place a new order of course.

What do you do when you need information regarding your plants and you are not in South Africa?
We at Exclusive Cycads understand that a Cycad is not just a Cycad. They become so much more than that. So, you’d like to make sure your plants are happy, healthy and grow at its best. Question is, what do you do when you are worried about your plant or would just like a bit more information?

Problem solved, you contact us via e mail and here’s how to go about it.If you think there’s something wrong with your Cycad its best to take a lot of pictures and e mail them to us with all the info you have of the current location etc.

  1. Please make sure to also mention treatments you have tried.
  2. We’ll then get back to you with advice as soon as possible.

Just need a little information?

Ask as many questions as you’d like on an e mail.

We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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