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Exclusive Cycads’ retail nursery is located in the northern suburbs of Pretoria, Gauteng. It boasts a stunning landscaped garden with an exquisite collection of rare and endangered cycads. We breed and sell a large variety of Encephalartos species in sizes ranging from seedling to stemmed plants.

The ever growing display garden provides the opportune occasion to view mature cycads in an omesticated environment, also providing us with a comprehensive pollen bank. Our propagation principals sustain pure-bred Encephalartos to ensure the survival of these magnificent plants for future generations. This unique mother stock qualifies Exclusive Cycads to be a registered Threatened or Protected Species (T.O.P.S.) Nursery.

Exclusive Cycads trade a full range of products specifically developed for cycads including stimulants and fertilizers. Other quality products available in this range may complement your cycad and other rare plant’s health and consist of pest- and fungicides amongst others.

Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you in all cycad related aspects. Delivery, Landscaping and Cycad-garden Services are available to enhance your experience as well as to provide you with expert opinion promoting safe and proper transplantation and after care of your valuable investment. Exclusive Cycads is your expert partner in prolonged longevity in your cycad’s life cycle. At Exclusive Cycads the quality of our florae, products and service are intend to astound above and beyond expectation.


In the event of transplanting and uprooting cycads or when removing suckers, the metabolism of the plant is disrupted.  Supplements and hormones application in the form of ©Root Stim [B4971] supports the metabolism and enhance root stimulation due to the high levels of Auxins that speeds up recuperation and reduced stress phase.

It is recommended that a plant be treated 2-3 times with ©Root Stim prior to transplanting or the removal of suckers, to strengthen its immune system and speed up the recovery process. Even after transplanting and the planting of suckers, ©Root Stim treatments are recommended.

It’s very important to treat established Cycads with a registered fertilizer. Use ®Boost 1 / 2 in combination with ©Grow Stim [B4972] that possess high levels of cytokinins to assist stubborn plants to push leaves or to assist leaves to harden off quicker.

This product is ideal for a number of uses, namely stimulation of root formation in plants, stimulation of plant growth, stress relief in plants during transplanting, improvement of soil condition to facilitate optimal growth and improving plant immunity. It contains various Organic Acids (Amino acids; Fulvic acids; substrates for energy producing pathways), Potassium Humates, Plant Hormones Cytokinins and Auxins as well as Essential Elements and Trace Elements (N, P, K) (Ca; Mg; S; Ma; Cu; Zn; B).

When a plant is uprooted or parts of a plant are removed (cuttings / suckers) the intracellular energy production is disrupted.  This causes the plant, cuttings or suckers, to wilt and if energy production is not restored, the plant cells and plant will eventually die. Rootstim and Growstim keep plant cells alive by providing the necessary substrates for intracellular energy production. These substrates and organic acids slot into Glycolisis, the Krebs Cycle and other energy releasing pathways.

Plants produce carbohydrates by photosynthesis where light-energy is absorbed by chlorophyll. By transplanting or removing a plant's leaves, the process of photosynthesis is reduced.  If the rate of photosynthesis is reduced for long enough, the metabolism of the plant cells will stop, leading to the death of the plant.

Amino Acids can, directly and indirectly, influence the physiological activities of plants. Amino Acids (Glycine and Glutamic Acid) are fundamental metabolites in the process of formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll synthesis. By providing these Amino Acids, the production of chlorophyll is increased leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis and therefore energy production. Amino Acids (L-Methionine and L-Tryptophan) are precursors of Growth Factors (Espermine and Espermidine and Auxin synthesis.)Proteins are the building blocks of any cell. Amino Acids are the fundamental ingredients in protein synthesis. Rootstim and Growstim provide these Amino Acids as ready-made building blocks for protein synthesis.

The indirect effects of Amino Acids on plants are via improvement of soil conditions and primarily by improving the microflora of the soil thereby facilitating assimilation of nutrients.

Root- & Growstim contain Fulvic acid that has multiple positive effects on cell metabolism.  These are direct and indirect effects on cell metabolism. Fulvic Acid enhances the availability of nutrients, makes them more readily available, facilitates the transport of nutrients through cell walls, intensifies the metabolism of proteins RNA and DNA and therefore cell division and growth of plant cells, dissolves and transposes vitamins, co-enzymes, auxins and natural antibiotics that are generally found in soil, making them available to the plant cells. Fulvic acids can also transport many times its weight in dissolved mineral elements.

Root- and Growstim also contain humates that have effect on plant cells and also effect on soil conditions. The effects of this on plant cells are intensification on cell metabolism and energy production thus increasing cell growth and increasing of cell membrane penetration and therefore facilitating the transport of micro elements and nutrients into plant cells.

The effects on the soil are moisture retention, assimilation of Phosphorus, intensification and regulation of nutrition, activation and growth of micro-organisms, structuring of soils (Formation of Organo-mineral bridges) and the change of water structure (Humates cause water to obtain the structure of melted water - previously frozen.)

Additionally to the above, Rootstim contains all the essential elements and trace elements essential for root and growth formation, which includes Nitrogen (Low concentration), Postassium, Phosphate (High concentration) - Essential for root formation, Sulpher; Calcium; Magnesium; Iron; Manganese; Copper; Zinc and Boron.

Growstim incorporates all the essential elements and trace elements but concentration of certain elements is higher (Nitrogen) to facilitate growth, firstly above ground, as well as below. It also provides plant hormones for growth stimulation, such as Cytokinins and Auxins. Rootstim has a higher Auxin to Cytokinin concentration ratio, while Growstim has a higher Cytokinin to Auxin concentration ratio.

Although Root- and Growstim both stimulate growth above and below ground, Rootstim's effect on root formation is more pronounced and with Growstim the effect on stem, leaf- and fruit formation is more pronounced.

BOOST 1 & 2

Cycad Boost was formulated with cycad fertilizing in mind, now over a ten year period, it has developed into the registered product ®Boost 1 and ®Boost 2. The Product can still be used for cycad fertilizing, but it is now tried and tested on agricultural and ornamental species. ®Boost 1 and ®Boost 2 is a WS (water soluble) concentrate in granular form. Being a WS the product is available to the plant as soon as it is diluted and applied to the trunk or roots of the species one wish to fertilize. To replenish lost nutrients it is recommended to feed your cycads for optimal growth, a minimum of once a month in combination with ©Root Stim or ©Grow Stim. It is important to note that the products dependent on seasonal rainfall and the container directions needs to be followed to apply correctly.

BOOST 1 & 2 (SRC: slow-release compound)

Boost 1 (SRC) and Boost 2 (SRC) is a buffered fertilizer that allows for controlled release of nutrients during the fertilization proses. With transplanting of plants  (cycads; trees etc. ) or removal of suckers from cycads, the normal energy pathways in the cells of such plants are altered or caused to shut down. By supplying the plant with energy (fructose), and organic acids that can sustain the normal metabolic pathways intercellular, the stress on the plant is diminished. When stimulating a plant with a more normal metabolism to grow (Cytokinins & Auxins) and also supplying it with Macro- and Micro nutrients, the mortality of transplanting big plant plants, cycads or suckers decrease considerably. Use Growstim before transplanting and Rootstim during and after transplanting. Growstim may be used in combination with Boost 1 & 2

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